Marine Spare part & Marine Equipment

Our Products consists of complete compressed air system, loose components and spare parts. An adeQuate stock of all compoents is maintained for all types, at all times.

Humphree-Our products makes the difference-the difference between enjoyment and  seasickness, the difference between low and high fuel consumtion, the difference between excellent visibility or bad visibility.

Offering both power and safety, the Echandia LTO battery system is built for maritime use. Is it a good fit for your project? Get all the details and technical speccifications here. Want to talk about your next project or learn more about our technology?

Boxcoolers are efficient cooling systems designed for installation in most inland and sea-going marine applications.  Boxcooolers cooling the primary circuit using seawater. A closed-circuit cooling system,wfhich do not need any water-filters,valves,inboard heat exchanger,raw water pumps,seawater piping and strainers. The boxcoolers can be mounted longitudinal or transversal in the sea chest.

The GRIDCOOLER  Keel Cooler has continually evolved to meet the requirements of naval architects and marine industry worldwide. Our team of craftsmen emploty the latest technologies to enhance our manufacturing process. The result is a custom-design GRIDCOOLER Keelcooler that exceeds expectation.

We manufacture various types of deck machineries for all type of ships and boats which are either powered by electric or hydraulic driven.  Each and every unit is robustly built to the stringent requirements of various ship's classifications.

PILAN heat exchangers are present across the five continents either in marine or industrial applications , mining, construction and spot facilities, being handled by true specialists in the technique of hydraulics.

Industrial Shell &Tube Heat Exchangers

Marine Shell & Tube Heat  Exchangers

Oil Coolers ffor mining and Underground duties

High Flow Oil Coolers

Water Heaters FS Series

Plate Heat Exchangers

Air blast oil coolers

Marine      -Floating Terminals

                -Self-discharging ships  

Offshore    -offshore rigs

                -offshore vessels

Port          -Ship Loaders

                -ship to truck Unloaders

                -Ship to silo Unloaders

                -Truck Loaders













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